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There’s something breathtaking about travel. The feeling you get when you discover a new place and build a bond with the people who live there, it's magical. It’s life-changing. Jewellery is how I share my own beautiful experiences with the world.

My name is Serena and I create handcrafted jewelry to bring a small piece of this magic to you.

Italy is my home, i was born and raised there.

I’ve been traveling the world since 2015,  experiencing  many different cultures and meeting artists who inspired me to start  making jewellery by hand. Through this fullfilling journey, I have found my life’s passion by making art with deep purpose.

Now i attend Markets around the world and I use  this online store to share my collections , even while I’m on the road.

The intricate designs of Made by Serenella jewellery are made with macramé and silversmith technique.

I create each piece with stones and crystals I find from the places I explore. I search through local artisanal markets, small store and, when possibile, i go mining to find the perfect gems.  Every single one tells a unique story and hold a special meaning. This is what makes every piece one of a kind. They have a unique connection to the land they come from.

When you buy my jewelry, you are getting something like nothing else in the world.




The story my jewelry holds is also very spiritual. I believe in natural healing, and my travels have taught me about the incredible powers of stones and crystals. All of these materials I use are carefully selected to be the highest quality and hold amazing spiritual energy. Many cultures all over the world use crystals for healing, and I want to share that gift with the world through my creations.

My passion for natural medicine is what sparked my latest line of body products.

I use special herbs in my garden or from local markets as ingredients. I believe there are so many ways to heal that come right from the Earth.

Life can be such an incredible adventure. I am so inspired by the people and places I travel to, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my love of both through my jewelry.

Be sure to follow along on Instagram "serenellaontheroad" and "madebyserenella" to join me on my travels across the globe. I can’t wait to share my journey and show you what incredible new pieces I create from the unbelievable places I visit.  


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